Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ten Year Treasury Perspective (Chart)

Ten Year Treasyry 406

  • Every time I look at this chart I think about 1978-82.
  • During that period it was not unusual to watch the 3 month Treasury bill move 50 basis points in a day.
  • On a slow day the trading range in the Ten Year was a point and one-half.
  • Interest Rates on the Ten Year Treasury rose over 15 percent. Mortgage rates also moved above 15 percent.
  • Everyone was so bearish they wouldn't touch the Ten Year or Long Bond.
  • I continue to ask myself, will we see double digit ten year Treasury rates again?
  • The obvious answer is, YES.
  • Flash forward 30 years.
  • The Ten Year is trading at 2.91 percent. Will rates ever go up?
  • It looks like the Ten Year is making a low in this area.
  • A close above 3.125 percent would indicate higher interest rates and a trend change.
  • I learned a long time ago that trends start when you least expect them.
  • Once a trend starts it tends to persist for a long time.
  • One thing I know for sure -- rates always go a lot lower, and a lot higher than you could have ever expected--at the extremes.
  • Investors should be thinking about ways to take advantage of increases in interest rates.
  • Once rates start up they should do so for many years.
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